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I consider my tastes to be more "stylish practical" than "luxury fashion", but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate an amazing expensive hunk of fashion when I see one.  I just saw these shoes "on sale" at Bluefly (whose site I love), and they immediately caused me to pause and appreciate:

I mean.... my God.  I can think of about a thousand places I would wear these and a thousand people who would ask me "Where will you ever WEAR those?"  Beautiful, aren't they? Total #FashionFriday

Embroidery 101

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Embroidery, or the art and skill of repairing or strengthening fabric using skillful decorative stitching, is an ancient process, evidence of which has been found all over the world dating back thousands of years B.C. There are tons of different types of stitches and designs and patterns which we can get into detail on another day, but today's post is devoted to working embroidered items into your fall fashion wardrobe.  Sometimes, the term "embroidery" conjures up images of your grandmother working away on her circular frame, or the framed "Home Sweet Home" projects in your auntie's hallway...



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However, there have been plenty of updates to the designs that are embroidered as well as the wardrobe items and style on which the embroidery is placed. My favorite types of items at the moment are shirts that are more masculine in color/pattern and cut, but are embroidered with more feminine designs like florals and pastel colors.  The image below is a great example of what I am loving right now and what is super in for the fall:



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The olive/army green color and masculine cut on the shirt is brightened up and made much more feminine with the embroidered pink and white floral design on the back. Keep your eyes out for this type of masculine/feminine contrast on garments this fall using embroidery! And as always, snap and share photos of your #FashionFriday! Xoxo

Fashion Friday 8/19/16 - India Inspired

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I love the bright colors and intricate patterns found in Indian fabric. The draping of the sari and the glint of metallic threads in the odhni and dupatta are absolutely beautiful. Don't even get me started on the accessories! This Fashion Friday is devoted to fabrics and fashion inspired by India. See if you can't work an eye-catching piece into your outfit of the day for this #FashionFriday @FashFri

Fashion Friday 4/29/16 - Throwback....Pack

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I'm pretty vocal about the fact that I hate the combination of adults in suits wearing athletic backpacks to work. It reminds me so much of the "first job out of college" days when you knew you had to dress up, but you didn't know how to LOOK like an adult yet. When you're 22, that's adorable. When you're 30+, not so much. HOWEVER... the backpack is not an item to be relegated to your campus days forever, provided that you get yourself a grownup one!

Some of these are for work days and some are for weekend play, but all of them will make you look like you're an adult with a good sense of style instead of a high school kid who lost their field trip group in the big city.  Happy Fashion Friday - throwin' it back for backpacks! xoxo

Fashion Friday 3/11/16 - Houndstooth Heaven

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There are some classics that just never go out of style, and the houndstooth pattern is definitely one of them as well as being a go-to for me. It was created in Scotland in the 1800's and was worn as a wool outer garment by shepherds, hence the pattern also being referred to as "Shepherd's Check" or "dogstooth".  When it came into use in high fashion, it was frequently used in menswear and became associated with the upper class. Today you can find the pattern used in lots of different garments and accessories for both men and women, but it still carries that air of high class and good taste!

So cloak yourself in some #highclass #highfashion #houndstooth for #FashionFriday this week, and rock that Scottish Shepherd's Check!

Fashion Friday 3/4/16 - Fringe Benefits

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#FringeisFun is the theme, and there is so much you can do with a little fringe! The set below contains just a few of my favorite fringe-y items, but there are tons more that I love.  The trick to keeping your look fashionable and not abominable is to build your look around one big fringe item, like a coat or pants, or a couple small ones, like jewelry and a bag. Too much fringe means you run the risk of looking like you got caught in a paper shredder, but the right amount makes you look like a #rockstar.

Keys to Success

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I love how antique-style keys look, and I love an excuse to work them into a fashion accessory. Necklaces, bracelets, bag charms, you name it!  In the piece available through the Fashion Friday site, I particularly like the shiny hard key contrasted with the softness of the tassel in the Tassel Key Necklace.

Check out "The Goods" for the Tassel Key Necklace shown in the collection here and for a few other items incorporating keys into some fashionable accessories for your wardrobe!

New Site is Up and Running!

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Well, the new "Shop" portion of our site is up and running! Now our loyal Fashion Friday fans can find all the latest items from our Instagram and Twitter in the same place! Keep your eye on the shop for the new items coming soon for Spring and Summer 2016, and browse "The Goods" for what's currently available!

Fashion Friday 2/19/16 - Very Charming

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So, I am sort of new to the #bagcharm game, in the sense that I've only in the last few years realized that I could accessorize my handbag as well as myself. I love the idea of putting your own touches on nearly everything, but especially wardrobe things! Like most fashionable things, bag charms range in price from very reasonable to Rockefeller-status. 

I tend to be pretty fickle when it comes to smaller accessories, so I wouldn't recommend splashing out a ton on fancy bag charms, but feel free to experiment with some and grab a few different kinds to suit your mood. Fuzzy, shiny, dangle-y, scarfy.... The bag charm world is yours to explore. Happy #FashionFriday!

Fashion Friday 1/8/16 - Tassel Town

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So, it's been a minute since the last official posting, and even though the social media has kept moving along, this site needed some attention!  So, we're back in the new year with a new commitment to keep the posts coming! 

To start with, it took me a little while, but I'm now on the tassels bandwagon. No longer do these cute little bundles belong at the ends of decorative rugs or drapery pulls - NO! They belong on your ears, on your necklace, and on your bags! I love the idea of a flexible tassel option (stay tunes to the Fashion Friday Etsy shop for the upcoming item!), so something you can convert from your bag to jewelry is right up my alley.

For now, however, lets take a look at the tassel jewelry accessories in some bright colors to help kick the cold weather blues...


Fashion Friday 9/11/2015 - Aztec Print

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So, it's the first kinda-not-warmish day in the last several weeks, and it was the perfect opportunity to break out a new jacket that I've been dying to wear since I got it last month from Boohoo. (Shout out to Boohoo, which is my new favorite place to score on-trend items quickly and cheaply, and my friend, Kelly, for turning me on to them!)

I love a good print, and every opportunity I have to wear one I try to take advantage of it. I love the symmetry, strong shapes and often vibrant colors found in Aztec-inspired prints, such as below. It makes a great addition either as an accent piece to an outfit, or as a larger statement piece unto itself.  Happy Fashion Friday!

Fashion Friday 3/13/15 - The Spring Trench

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YES! It is finally time to break out my favorite spring item - the classic trench! This particular item is so versatile that you can find it in any style, any color, and make it the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. I've got several varieties myself: green, robin's egg blue, red, and classic khaki, naturally :)  You can find them in any price range as well. Spending a little more on a staple item like this is definitely worth it, however, as it will see you through many future springs if you take good care of it! Enjoy the first Fashion Friday in the warm weather, friends!

Fashion Friday 2/20/15 - Glove Love

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Ah, the beauty of a winter's morn. The sun glistening off the snow, the quiet tranquility, the tingly sensation as frostbite begins to set in at your extremities... Wait... Not that last part, because you've obviously got some fashionable hand wear to keep your dainty fingers from freezing and falling off in these sub-zero temperatures! I also love some gloves! Not just in the winter, either. Driving gloves, fingerless gloves, and lace gloves are so pretty and reminiscent of a time gone by when we women wore hats and gloves and our best duds to go out dancing. (Miss you, grandma!)

So whether you're struggling through Chiberia in your warmest hand covers, or hitting the road in a nicer climate, this #FashionFriday is giving some love to your gloves. 

Look for Less!

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Presenting our first "Look for Less" entire outfit! The version on the left is QUITE a pricey one, but such a great combination of textures. The tulle skirt, knit fabric of the sweater, and shiny patent leather of the shoes is a fantastic look, and the filigree bib necklace is the perfect statement to complement the solid-color pieces.

Love this look, and would love to see it strutting around on a Fashion Friday soon!

Look for Less!

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While it would be great to have enough disposable income to hit the big names when you want to do some accessory or wardrobe shopping, your style doesn't have to suffer in the meantime!  Check out what I hope to be the first of many features where we grab a high-priced designer item or look, and find the more budget-friendly equivalent!

This post checks out the awesome (but suuuuuper expensive) Prada tote in a happy little blue color.  The structured tote is great for convenience and the color is perfect for spring. ALDO nails it with their equivalent for a nifty fifty bucks! #fashionfriday FTW!

French style? Oui!

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I love the look of a longer dress or skirt with booties and a feminine coat on top! It's layers for warmth, but lots of interest for the eye, especially when you add a scarf. Not the wooly, warm, "oh God, when will summer be here" kind of scarf - Hermes! Or a much more reasonable knock-off, as I would recommend :)

Get your little booties on and get out there for Fashion Friday!

Wishing for Warmer Weather...

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HAPPY NEW YEAR Fashion Friday Followers! Although Mother Nature cooperated over the holidays, the first week back at work has been another story... In the midst of the "Arctic blast" out there, all I can think about to stay warm during the cold walks is what cute outfits I'll be able to wear again in the spring! Here's my "think warm thoughts" outfit for the day:

So keep your mind off your freezing face, feet, hands, and other body parts, and mentally style some new outfits for yourself for the upcoming spring! And don't forget to hit the gym a little harder to make sure you look extra good in it ;)