Fashion Friday

Making Casual Fridays Extinct Since 2012

The way you dress and how you look is your advertisement to the world. You are a billboard for yourself.
— Diana DeGrane

The Idea

My grandmother came of age in a time when women wouldn't think of going out without wearing gloves, skirts, and hats, and her sense of style never left her in all her days. In the spirit of keeping my grandmother's fashion sense alive, Fashion Friday wants to inspire people to take pride in wearing their look by starting with an item or two they really love and building from there.

A whole look can be based on one unique piece, and we hope to provide that piece to many.

Style & Quality

There are appealing parts to be found in almost any style, and we believe you can change your style as often as you like - and should! 

From vintage post-war inspired pieces to items you would find in a boho artist's wardrobe, all items are made with the utmost care and pride with the hope that they will be worn that way as well.

100% Handmade

All items on Fashion Friday are either handmade personally or sourced from other crafting artisans. My grandmother was an avid and skilled seamstress and milliner who made her own items (and items for others) because no one else would have exactly the same piece.

Uniqueness is a founding principle at Fashion Friday, and we hope to expand to custom-made items in the near future as well.