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Fashion Friday 2/20/15 - Glove Love

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Ah, the beauty of a winter's morn. The sun glistening off the snow, the quiet tranquility, the tingly sensation as frostbite begins to set in at your extremities... Wait... Not that last part, because you've obviously got some fashionable hand wear to keep your dainty fingers from freezing and falling off in these sub-zero temperatures! I also love some gloves! Not just in the winter, either. Driving gloves, fingerless gloves, and lace gloves are so pretty and reminiscent of a time gone by when we women wore hats and gloves and our best duds to go out dancing. (Miss you, grandma!)

So whether you're struggling through Chiberia in your warmest hand covers, or hitting the road in a nicer climate, this #FashionFriday is giving some love to your gloves.