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Fashion Friday 4/29/16 - Throwback....Pack

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I'm pretty vocal about the fact that I hate the combination of adults in suits wearing athletic backpacks to work. It reminds me so much of the "first job out of college" days when you knew you had to dress up, but you didn't know how to LOOK like an adult yet. When you're 22, that's adorable. When you're 30+, not so much. HOWEVER... the backpack is not an item to be relegated to your campus days forever, provided that you get yourself a grownup one!

Some of these are for work days and some are for weekend play, but all of them will make you look like you're an adult with a good sense of style instead of a high school kid who lost their field trip group in the big city.  Happy Fashion Friday - throwin' it back for backpacks! xoxo