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Embroidery 101

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Embroidery, or the art and skill of repairing or strengthening fabric using skillful decorative stitching, is an ancient process, evidence of which has been found all over the world dating back thousands of years B.C. There are tons of different types of stitches and designs and patterns which we can get into detail on another day, but today's post is devoted to working embroidered items into your fall fashion wardrobe.  Sometimes, the term "embroidery" conjures up images of your grandmother working away on her circular frame, or the framed "Home Sweet Home" projects in your auntie's hallway...



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However, there have been plenty of updates to the designs that are embroidered as well as the wardrobe items and style on which the embroidery is placed. My favorite types of items at the moment are shirts that are more masculine in color/pattern and cut, but are embroidered with more feminine designs like florals and pastel colors.  The image below is a great example of what I am loving right now and what is super in for the fall:



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The olive/army green color and masculine cut on the shirt is brightened up and made much more feminine with the embroidered pink and white floral design on the back. Keep your eyes out for this type of masculine/feminine contrast on garments this fall using embroidery! And as always, snap and share photos of your #FashionFriday! Xoxo