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Scarf Love

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In my younger days, I hated scarves. They were itchy, made my face and head too hot, and were always getting caught on things or lost somewhere.  Now that I am old, wise, and fashionable, I have come to appreciate the scarf and to know it as more than a woolly winter sweat wrap.  Let’s check out some options for your fashionable Friday outfits…

Most of these scarves are not “winter weather warmth” scarves, but some beautiful silk options instead. Now, these are a bit on the pricier range, but what can I say, Alexander McQueen makes a hell of a scarf, amirite?  I will devote a future post to seeking out some comparable printed scarves that are a bit more friendly on the wallet, and don’t be afraid to comment with some less expensive options as you find them, too!