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Fashion Friday 1/3/14 – FIRST FASHION FRIDAY OF 2014!!!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy celebration to ring in 2014 and say a big “good riddance” to 2013! I’m not the only person I know who is happy to say goodbye to 2013, but the important thing no matter how your last year went is to be your best self this year   And in that spirit, let’s check out my pick for the first Fashion Friday of the new year…

I love chevron striping and I love sparkly things, so I see no reason these two things should not be together.  The leggings are a little “out there” but the sweater and boots and jacket tame everything down a bit so you don’t accidentally look like you’re still wearing your NYE best.

The start of a new year is a great time to hit “reset” on parts of yourself or your life you want to be different.  Changing yourself for the better should be a resolution we all make to ourselves every year.  Each year we should be working to become the best possible versions of ourselves – learning more, working hard, enriching the lives of others, and making the world better than it was before we got here. Feeling good about yourself, in my opinion, is instrumental in our capacity to make others feel better, too. So hit the gym, dress up, and take good care of yourself so you can take care of everybody else, too. Here’s to a happy, healthy, successful 2014 – Happy Fashion Friday!