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New Year, New Category – Shout Outs

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This will be the first in a series of posts dedicated to my fashionable friends and fellow Fashion Friday followers.  Today’s shout out goes out to my old friend Jia from college days and our mutual love of statement pieces.  Her photo (compiled after some enthusiastic internet shopping) is here:

(c) Jiaxiao a.k.a. jz_blu

(c) Jiaxiao a.k.a. jz_blu

I squealed with delight at all the pretty colors and patterns and sparkliness (is that a word?) going on in her jewelry collection.  I stifled my jealously long enough to ask permission to share her masterpiece with the world and to make her my first ever Fashion Friday shout out! Here’s to Jia, her fabulous taste in accessories, and her faithful upholding of the Fashion Friday mantra! xoxo