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Due to my propensity to shop too much and my short memory, I often find myself forgetting what I already have in my closet… and how many of things.  I’ve started using the Personal Closet app to catalog my wardrobe and accessories, and it has made things immeasurably easier to keep track of.

It lets you categorize your clothes, shoes, and accessories by name, color, and style and keeps a picture of each item in the database.  It also has some cool features like letting you put together outfits using the images you have saved and “packing” a suitcase for a vacation. So far all the images I’ve used have been downloaded off the merchant’s website and have been great, so I can’t yet say how well self-taken snaps of the items will look. If there are any suggestions on how to take clear, well-lit pictures of apparel items, please feel free to share.

All in all, definitely an app worth checking out, especially for putting together Fashion Friday ensembles ahead of time.