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Commence Fashion Friday 5/10/13

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This blog post is dedicated to the beginning of the mission: convert all casual Friday zombies into Fashion Friday followers. We will plant the seed of Fashion Friday in the heads of the unbelievers and gradually nurture it with suggestions and inspirations and merciless shaming until it sprouts into an oak tree of well-dressedness with branches of good looking outfits and leaves with the…shoes and…. I lost the metaphor. Regardless, go through your closet, put in some effort and get ready for Fashion Friday.

Today’s Fashion Friday item is the sheath dress.

The particular version of the classic that I will be sporting today is the textured sheath dress from The Limited, shown here:

Textured Sheath Dress, (c) 2012, The Limited.

Textured Sheath Dress, (c) 2012, The Limited.

How are you dressing up your version?