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Fashion Friday 1/24/14

Fashion FridayComment

Today’s Fashion Friday submission is a black and white mashup, because I have a meeting and I feel like it’s still work-appropriate to mix up some patterns as long as the colors are a bit more…. subdued… than my usual tastes.  I love the jeans here (1) because they don’t look like jeans unless you inspect closer and (2) the pattern is sick!

The shoes and blazer are “safe” for work-related appointments, and so is the scarf, but mixing patterns in the same colors is a look that I love and that is super multi-functional.  I put a colored bag with it for those of you who may not be totally down to go all black and white, and you can do pretty much anything when it comes to bags with this outfit so let the creativity run wild there 

Happy Fashion Friday to all and start shopping for your warm weather Fashion Friday best now!!