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Fashion Friday 1/17/14: Sweater Bling

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It’s no secret that I like sparkly, shiny things. Jewelry, bags, shoes…. anything really.  Today’s Fashion Friday item specifically incorporates my love for bling into my love for comfy sweaters, hence “Sweater Bling.”  Bear with me here.  Gone are the days of your crazy cat lady aunt bedazzling kitten designs onto five dollar gray sweatshirts from the drug store.  Embellishments on clothing, when done correctly, look pretty amazing and save you the trouble of having to coordinate an extra accessory into the mix.  Here are a few fab finds demonstrating the awesomeness of the Sweater Bling:

I’m currently rocking a beige turtleneck with some bling popping similar to the beige sweater above. And hey, if you still have a bedazzler laying around, try your hand at your own Sweater Bling creation.  How very Fashion Friday of you!