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Courtesy of my best friend and constant source of fashion inspiration, let’s call her Liz, THIS ARTICLE was brought to my attention.  Although I haven’t witnessed the particular California variety of slobbery that the author mentions, I’ve seen enough of the Midwestern antics to know that I wholeheartedly agree – we are becoming a nation of slobs.  Casual Friday (shudder) is bleeding into casual every day which is morphing into people generally not giving a damn about how they present themselves to the world.  It truly saddens me.

My gramma was one hell of a fashionista.  She kept all her fancy dresses in garment bags in the closet to make sure they looked as new as the day she bought them.  She kept her shoes… tons of shoes… in plastic containers to make sure they never got dusty or dull looking.  She had compacts and clutches that she bought in the 1940′s that were in such good shape, I borrowed them for school dances in high school some 60 years later.  She had hats that she made herself using a hat form my grandpa made her that I still have in the closet.  And my personal absolute favorite habit of hers – she pinned a note on each of her outfits in the closet and listed the date and event for which she last wore it to make sure she didn’t wear the same stuff too many times in front of the same people.  She was and always looked incredible.

My inspiration to be a confident, fashionable and put-together woman comes from my gramma.  Gramma would never be caught leaving the house in sweatpants or without her hair done or without makeup on.  She wouldn’t even be caught wearing the same outfit twice in front of the same people (unless it had been at least a year in between).  Taking pride in yourself and your appearance is something that used to be commonplace.  Let’s bring it back.