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Pretty exciting new sandals…

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So in preparation of Fashion Fridays to come, I got my hands on some sandals that I’m pretty excited about.  I am late to the game on the gladiator sandal thing, but only because I haven’t found any (and tried on TONS) that I thought looked particularly good on my feet.  Well, I shall suffer that fate no more after finding these gems….

(c) 2013, Guess

High-heeled sandal? Check.  Spikey studs?  Check.  Gladiator style that doesn’t make my legs and feet look stumpy and stuffed into them?  Major check.  I couldn’t find a picture of the exact ones I have, oddly, because although these brown leather ones are just as cute, I managed to find some shiny gold leather ones at Macy’s a few weeks ago.  Yes, I know, the studs and spikes weren’t enough and I had to go with shiny gold, too.

Here’s to a gladiator-style attack on casual Fridays!!