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I was reading an article today about how a certain Valentino jumpsuit has been worn by many celebrities and psuedo-celebrities on the red carpet, and how fabulous it looked on all of them.  I think the jumpsuit itself is pretty fantastic, since I’m a big fan of structured retro stylings:

(c) 2013,

If you’ve got about $3,000.00 to burn, this is the jumpsuit for you.  However, if you’re not quite as committed to the look and want to give it a try on the cheap…. on the super cheap…. there’s a strapless black wide-leg version you can try instead:

(c) 2013, Macy's

Yes, it’s bloused on top.  Yes, it’s wide-leg. Yes, it’s missing the cute white accent and bow detail on the back. And yes, it’s not as dressy.  It’s under $40.00 though, so dress it up your damn self.

Fashion Friday soon….