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Poncho sweaters are awesome

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So, back in the day (like, WAY back in the day), ponchos were invented in South America to help keep the native people in the Andes mountains warm and dry.  They were made from a large piece of fabric with a hole in the middle for the head, and possible had a flap of fabric to cover the head like a hood, too.  These days they’re made of much more breathable material and, aside from the plastic ones you get in bags at the drug store, not generally used as a water repellent.

Now that the history lesson is over, we can get to the fun stuff, such as this steal of  a sweater poncho that I picked up a couple years ago at H&M and have used as a staple in my fall wardrobe since.

H&M, Inc. (C) 2013

I’ve worn it with jeans, khakis, leggings and any other pant you can think of.  I think it would look great with some distressed jean shorts and boots, too, but I think it’s already gotten too cold for me to give it a whirl in public.  While my version is more plain a needs a bit of “dressing up” to be a Fashion Friday participant, this next version is one that has a little more interest going on.  I love this right now, and with a birthday coming up it’s definitely on my list:

Michael Kors (c) 2013