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So summer has ended, and with its demise I sincerely hope for the demise of a disturbing trend I noticed: the underbutt.  The upside down cleavage trend has been the bane of my existence all summer, and I have no explanation for it.  The famous Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same,” and I have to say that there is zero style involved in the exposed butt cheek look.  On the beach? Sure, let your ass breathe.  Walking around the city, shopping, having a coffee and reading a book? Please God, no.  Another favorite saying of mine that I like to apply in a lot of areas of life, but particularly when it comes to exposing yourself in public, is the old “less is more” adage.  Show legs, or show cleavage, not both, and definitely not butt cleavage.  So as we toast summer goodbye, let’s also give the underbutt an appropriate send-off.  Like stabbing a can of PBR with a key and shotgunning it.