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Fashion Friday 7/12/13

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Alright back to a full work week, and thus a well-deserved Fashion Friday for us all.  It’s been pretty hot and humid these days, and it’s been an interesting time for people watching.  Lots of people succumbing to the heat and wearing anything loose they can throw on, regardless of how “casual” *shudder* it looks, and God bless the other half dressed up but sweating like pigs.  If pigs wore clothes.

Here’s my entry for this most difficult Fashion Friday dilemma:

I am really digging the trend of the longer sheer over layer of the dress (at, and I love a cute flat sandal as well so tomorrow’s outfit is one I’m really looking forward to.  I haven’t managed to source a fedora that I love yet, because they seem to look better in pictures and on the shelf than they do on my head, but the one in this pic is a solid front runner.

Happy Fashion Friday!