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Fashion Friday 5/30/14 – WEDDING EDITION

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Fashion Friday returns! And just in time for summer wedding season!

Our inaugural wedding season post is going for the classic blue and gold combo.  If you've already been working on your tan for beach season, a paler blue would make you look tanner than you actually are (score), and if you haven’t been bronzing yourself that much yet, this royal blue color won’t wash you out.  I also love mixing yellow, rose and white gold accessories so I've done a bit of that here, too, along with a complimentary color for the earrings.

That gold necklace is definitely on my wish list!  Any good substitutes for the style out there?

Hopefully I will have lots of pictures of friends in their wedding season best to post here after the weekend and we can see “who wore it best” 

Happy wedding season, and don’t forget to bust out your Fashion Friday best!