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Fashion Friday 12/13/13 – OPERA EDITION

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So, this Friday I am fortunate enough to go on a lovely opera date with my best pal! First time at the opera!  OK, so technically it was an operetta (Die Fledermaus), but still…

Anyway, it is a lovely chance to take in some culture, listen to some great tunes, and scope/wear some fashion. Being that we’re in the depths of winter and snowstorms, practicality has taken priority over fashion for the most part, but still managed to come up with…

And the best part is GLOVES!!!  Opera (operetta, FINE) was a huge success. We should have a bigger crowd together for the next opera adventure in a month or two, and I’m already thinking about the next outfit.  Might even get myself some new gloves   HAPPY FASHION FRIDAY!